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Chain conveyors


  • Chain conveyors handle a wide range bulk materials. The robust design and efficient utilization of space means the conveyor take less environmental space.


  • Chain conveyors have chain with feed plates which runs in a closed conveyor’s body

  • Depending on the design of the feed plates materials can be conveyed horizontally or inclined.

  • Materials can be conveyed in the lower deck run as well as the upper deck run

  • Multiple unload hatches are available

  • Suitable for transporting different bulk materials

  • Chain conveyor moves material distances ranging from 3 -100 meters or more

  • Conveyors is equipped with the extremely durable chain.

    Other equipment:

    Moving floors;

    Screw conveyors;

    Flexible shaftless conveyors;

    Hoppers for bulk material handling;

    Rotary sieve;

    Plane sieve


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