Green Energy Systems dryers ar used for

biomass, RDF, SRF waste, wastewater sludge and wood chip drying.


  • The housing of the dryer is welded steel construction.

  • The internal floor is made of perforated sheet board.

  • The dryer is delivered with an external insulated steel sandwich panels casing.

  • With this housing the dryer is suitable for outdoor installation and is equipped
    with a roof extension made of steel roof panels.


  • The Hotbox dryer is driven by hydraulic power pack, which moves the bars as the walking floor – moving the material over the drying decks

  • The Hotbox is equipped with very efficient axial fans, which propeller blades are made of light composite casting material

  • Using the frequency inverter, the automation system adjusts the fans rotational speed to keep the desired drying agent temperatures


  • The control system is equipped with a touch display for operation and visualization of the Hotbox dryer

  • Remote control via PC or mobile phone or iPad is possible including the visualization of drying processes interface


  • The dryer is fully equipped and setup Includes all measuring devices and extension of control system.

  • Dryer hot air generator is equipped with suitable flow and return pipe work connection flanges, valves, safety group, temperature and pressure control

  • Adjustable height of drying bed is installed.

Other equipment:

Moving floors;

Chain conveyors;

Screw conveyors;

Flexible shaftless conveyors;

Hoppers for bulk material handling;

Rotary sieve;

Plane sieve


Click to the link and watch the video about our equipment.